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Family Law Agreements


Generally Family Law Agreements are of three types:

• Marriage Agreements,
• Cohabitation Agreements, and
• Separation Agreements.

Marriage agreements (also referred to as prenuptial agreements) are between married spouses.  Cohabitation agreements are between persons in a marriage-like relationship (common law spouses).  Marriage Agreements and Cohabitation Agreements are usually used to manage the division of property in the event the relationship ends and define spousal support obligations. They can also be useful as an estate-planning tool.

A separation agreement is usually a final agreement between separated spouses settling all family law issues such as division of property, custody, and child and spousal support.

Because the Family Law Act gives automatic property rights to spouses who have lived in a marriage-like relationship for a period of two years cohabitation agreements have become very important. 

Tip – marrying for the second time to someone with fewer assets or want to protect your property growth? Think about a marriage agreement to protect you. Living common law - definitely thing about a cohabitation agreement.

Penny Paul has drafted hundreds of these agreements.

Getting To The Solution


Andrea's Legal Settlement


I want to personally, sincerely and deeply thank you for the solid legal advice, professional and experienced guidance and common sense approach to assisting us in getting this matter settled without formal litigation in court.

From the time we brought this matter to you for help, in 2011 I believe, you gave us the straight bill of goods and stood with Andrea all the way through, advising and coaching along the way.

I am deeply grateful for your support, firm legal positions vis a vis the other party's legal representatives, and overall encouragement.
Andrea can now start a new and more stable and secure phase of her life given her tremendous potential.

I have to thank my cousin Suefan  for recommending me to your office.


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