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Child Support


Child support is governed by the principles of the Child Support Guidelines but figuring out a child support amount is not as easy as reading the Child Support Guidelines. The guidelines are a good place to start.

There are issues that need to be discussed with an expert such as:

  • Shared parenting
  • Split parenting
  • Step children
  • Guideline income
  • Undue hardship
  • Special or extraordinary expenses
  • Children over the age of the majority
  • Retroactivity

Tip – for payers: don’t get behind on your child support because arrears are hard to cancel.

Tip – for payees: don’t procrastinate about getting an agreement or court order because you can’t always collect retroactive amounts.

In certain circumstances legal fees relating to obtaining or enforcing child support is tax deductible.

Penny Paul has litigated, negotiated and mediated child support amounts for her clients for over two decades.

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Child support
"Check out the child support guidelines."