Jack Andersen - RETIRED


Jack Andersen was a senior, well respected lawyer,who concentrated on representing the injured in motor vehicle accidents or cases of medical negligence. He also practiced in litigation involving wills & estates, theft, fraud and construction disputes. He had a secondary but highly successful practice in criminal law. Mr. Andersen enjoyed a devoted clientele extending back to his early criminal law successes during his junior years.

Mr. Andersen was fiercely loyal to his clients and manages, often in difficult fact situations, to provide successful results. He was extremely well liked by his clients who give him high praise.

Mr. Andersen has an arts degree (political science) from the University of British Columbia (1976) and a Law Degree from the University of British Columbia (1979). He was called to the Bar of British Columbia in 1980 and to the Bar of Yukon in 1982. Mr. Andersen was a practicing lawyer in good standing since 1980 with the British Columbia Law Society. He was also an active  member of the Canadian Bar Association and BC Trial Lawyers Association.