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Parent Orders and Parenting Arrangements

The Divorce Act and the Family Law Act govern the principles relating to Parenting Plans and Decision Making for children. 
If you have minor children, your parenting plan may be the single most important issue to you in the breakdown of your relationship with the other parent.

The Family Law Act  and the Divorce Act have removed the concept of "custody" and instead the legislation uses the term "Parenting Arrangements,”, Parenting Time" and "Parental Responsibilities". The Family Law Act defines who will have "Guardianship".  Parents are generally guardians, otherwise they only have "Contact".

This is a complex area of the law and can involve many factors. The overall test is “best interests of the child”.

Tip - Do not allow a pattern of parenting to continue after separation that you do not think is best in your situation. Sometimes it is hard to change the status quo. Act quickly to call us.

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